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Lucio CoronelNaam: Lucio Coronel
Land: Argentina
Inleiding: Loving of the nature, in special of the arthropods, reptiles and amphibians, although I like the nature in all his extension.
I collect insects and land snails, also its pictures.
My favorite place: The Yunga, where they conjugate mountains and forests.
Where it would live: In the desert, I like his rebirth after a rain.
Lid sinds: 2007-12-28
Camera: Nikon D3100, Sony Cybershot DSC-F828
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Latest photos
Title: Long horned bee
Long horned bee (2)
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Title: KomodensisNikon D3100
Komodensis (2)
luciospiderman (90)
Title: HypsiboasNikon D3100
Hypsiboas (2)
luciospiderman (90)
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