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Michael MorrisseyNaam: Michael Morrissey
Land: Verenigde Staten
Inleiding: Born in the United States Michael Morrissey was initially drawn to Paris in the early 1970ís. Trekking to Katmandu, he found himself driving the Magic Bus with an increasing involvement in photography as a way of capturing, in an instant, that which could never be explained in words.
As a landscape architect, and master-of many-trades, Michael lived and worked in Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, where he co-founded Refugees International. In Thailand he worked with the UNHCR developing refugee camps. After creating several real estate management companies based in Bangkok, where he lived for many years prior to relocating in the US, Mike began to focus on his passions: travel and photography.
An inveterate global traveler with a penchant for discovering off- the-beaten paths, Michael has experienced moments of terror and peace, sadness touched by joy, acquiring a deep awareness of the connectedness present among all people and cultures and a deep respect for the poignant, majestic yet fragile natural world.
Michael states: ďA photograph is the best we can do to capture truth; a testimonial that outlasts the test of timeĒ.

Visit www.mjmorrissey.com
Lid sinds: 2006-06-22
Camera: Nikon D-200, Nikon D300, Nikon D700, Nikon D800, Sony Cybershot DSC-F828, Sony DSC-F717
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Random photos
Title: Bamboo GroveSony DSC-F717
Bamboo Grove
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Title: M/S Explorer - Ice FloeNikon D-200
M/S Explorer - Ice Floe (4)
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Verenigd Koninkrijk
Title: What's it to ya?Nikon D-200
What's it to ya?
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